Scratchcard is a popular instant-play online casino game based on the original lotto style scratchcards. Original scratchcards are basic cards coated with a waxy substance that can be scratched off to reveal symbols. If players match three symbols, they win a prize. However, the odds of winning big are rather low. This is why many of them also offer smaller winnings, which still provide a great profit when considering the cost of each card.

    There are many different games that provide the features of a scratch card. These include various themes and games that require a certain amount of numbers/patterns/symbols to be matched. The best developers for scratchcard games are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech who have all managed to create an incredible range of winning opportunities in different styles.

    How to Play Online Scratchcards 

    Online scratchcards are governed by the same rules as physical scratch cards. Players can use their mouse pointers to scratch off online scratchcards to reveal symbols, multiplier values, and prizes. To win the jackpot, players just have to match three identical icons. If players dislike the idea of manually scratching off a scratch card, they can use the instant scratch option to reveal all the icons automatically. If three identical symbols appear along a line, they can take home the jackpot. To play the game, you simply need to select your card value and purchase tickets. As mentioned, some games will allow you to buy multiple tickets, and this simply increases the opportunities to win.

    Advantages of Playing Scratchcards

    Scratch cards are definitely a lot of fun and have the ability to keep players on edge with the winnings they provide. There are many to choose from, which all offer various jackpots and prizes. Unlike physical scratch cards, you will find online games offer a much greater reward opportunity and much better odds when it comes to the RTP percentage.

    Each game offers their own advantages and also gives you a huge selection among those games. Some of these provide higher winnings while other include smaller payouts, but payout on a regular basis. This is also a fast paced game, which gives you the ability to complete favor rewards within a few minutes. Many players choose to have these types of games open while playing Bingo and live dealer games as they provide an extra winning opportunities.

    Different Types of Scratchcards 

    As mentioned above, there are many different developers that provide scratch card games, which feature different themes and reward opportunities. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech casinos are the most known and have created some of the most entertaining scratchcard games.

    In regards to payout rates, you will find the games do not differ a whole lot from each other. Some might include a higher percentage by a few numbers, which wouldn’t make a massive difference in your game as these cards are tested over thousands of rounds. Some of the games might also not appear to be scratch cards due to the way they have been designed. However, each of the games mentioned below are based on scratch card rules and features.

    Popular Microgaming Scratch Cards

    Microgaming is one of the most famous developers and provides a massive list of games that consists of video slots, table games, live dealer games, and much more. They have also created a wide range of scratch cards, which increase an entertaining experience, bonus rewards, and various options that all players can enjoy. Below we look at some of their most popular games and everything they provide.

    Hand to Hand Combat – is a fascinating game that is based on Rock, Paper, Scissors, but still offers the features of a scratch card game as players need to reveal their own hand and the opponent’s hand to complete a win. Surprisingly, this provides one of the highest payout rates among scratch cards with an impressive 96.75%.

    Space Evader Gold – This a fascinating game experience as it provides a board game style feature where players get to move across the board as an alien. Reaching a checkpoint among the board will give you multiplier rewards. Pressing roll will feature the next number for the alien to move and hopefully avoid the hazard positions on the trail. Reaching the end of the trail will provide the jackpot win of 10,000x your bet value.

    Six Shooter Looter Gold – This is very similar to Space Evader Gold as it also features a trail type game where players get to spin a gun chamber to determine the number of moves. Once again there are a few traps along the way, but winnings can reach highly impressive amounts the further you get.

    Lucky Numbers – Provides a classic scratch card game style, which features 2 games in one with a great selection of payouts. The first game, which is featured on the left will include rewards when at least 3 matching symbols appear, which could include winnings up to 8,888 times your wager. Before the next round begins, the panel on the right will contain a random reward opportunity, which can be obtained when an 8 appears.

    Popular NetEnt Scratch Cards

    NetEnt is also one of the very best developers and has created some of the most amazing graphics and features for video slots. They also include virtual table games, live dealer games, and a great range of scratch card reward opportunities. Below is some of their most popular games, which consists of different themes, features, and rewards.

    The Lost Pyramid – This is a game that provides the standard features of a scratch card game but includes additional rewards as players need to find golden symbols in the pyramid. NetEnt has added their animations on the paytable and the game itself while players are choosing symbols. Find at least 2 symbols to match your wager amount or up to 7 to receive up to 50,000x your wager value.

    Treasure Hunt – This is a scratch card game that provides you with a map and various locations on the island where you can dig for a treasure chest. The more treasures you find, the higher your payout will be. Find at least 2 in a round to receive your bet total or up to 6 to win 10,000x your wager amount, which could lead to massive winnings, especially when you use a double digit wager amount.

    Triple Wins – This is a classic scratch card game that provides a great range of bonus rewards. Each scratch card offers 9 boxes that you can either scratch off manually or click a button to scratch it for you a lot faster. As the name suggests, get at least 3 of the same values to win the amount.

    Popular Playtech Scratch Cards

    Playtech is the third developer that stands among the very best in the world. They are popular for their Poker network, video slots, live dealer games, and much more. Their selection of scratch card games are also highly impressive and features a unique game opportunity in regards to these, rewards, game style, and much more. Here are some of the most famous Playtech scratch card games.

    Gladiator Scratch – This is a classic scratch card with a Gladiator theme from the movie. Instead of getting at least 3 of the same values on the screen, you get to scratch and win with items and characters from the movie. Players can enjoy payouts ranging from double your wager amount up to 5,000 times the bet value.

    Rocky Scratch Card – Rocky, the famous movie can now be enjoyed as a scratch card from Playtech. The game features the standard options within a scratch card and offers up to 5,000x the bet amount. However, instead of matching 3 of the same symbols, you need to choose from of the opponents Rocky had to face in the movie. This will include a clip from the scene and also a payout if you select the correct item.

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