Have you ever heard about baccarat? It is one of the most popular casino games and can be found at almost all land-based casinos, as well as all online casinos. One reason that it is so popular is that it is not complicated at all; there are not many rules to the game, which is why all new players throng to it along with people who do not like remembering many rules. Baccarat is a game of luck, and the player cannot use many strategies to change the outcome. This is not to say that the player does not have any part in the game; it is up to them to choose the kind of betting that they desire, and they are also offered the option of side bets. When it comes to betting options, you can apply some related strategies to the game.

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    There was a time when you would only see the experts among the casino players sitting around the table and playing baccarat as the game required vast bets that could only be afforded by the professionals and not just anyone. The good news is that a change has emerged over the years, and now, people who have a limited budget and want to bet only small amounts can play the game to their heart’s desire. Baccarat’s rules remain the same, even with the small bets, and only the betting options have changed.


    With the wonder of online casinos, many software providers are focused on providing players with the best baccarat experience that they can get. For that purpose alone, we have formed a list of casinos where you will be able to enjoy the best casino games, including baccarat. You are guaranteed to have a good time at these online casinos, as much as you would have at land-based casinos.

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    • Tropicana Casino.
    • Borgata Casino.

    Before one can even think of playing baccarat, they should be familiar with the rules of the casino game so that they are not blind-sided. In this piece, we aim to explain to you the basics of the game, which will cover its history, all the rules, clever strategies to apply, and other things that will help you become comfortable with it.


    Learning the history will give you a deeper insight into baccarat. The game first originated in Italy way before the fifteenth century. After some time, it was introduced in France, where it caught on pretty quickly and also got its name, baccarat. The name is of Italian origin, and it translates to ‘zero’. This points to the face cards of the game whose value is zero.

    The fact of the matter is that the game only became superbly popular in the casinos of Europe after roughly five whole centuries. European casinos saw its many variations. Europe had Chemin de Fer on the rise, but England had Punto Banco famous. Later, there came an English variation that went to the U.S., and it was taken through South America.

    When it comes to America, the game baccarat is played on mini-tables, which is not something that is found everywhere. The game and its rules are not changed because of the tables; the only difference is that the mini tables replace the one big table. Does this make much of a difference? Yes, the mini-tables do not have the same higher minimum bet options as the big tables, which is something that is loved by professional gamblers. Some casinos might offer big tables to the players, but they will be found in the higher-end section of the place.

    Believe it or not, baccarat is now considered a profession by people who call themselves high rollers. It is one of the more profitable games in a casino because the players have the option of placing huge bets on the game. If you look at the history of baccarat, millions of hands have been played during the game. Due to this, the game has entered the world of online casinos where it gained quite a lot of popularity, especially with live dealer games. Table limits are perfect for new players, which is why baccarat is loved by almost all new players.


    Whether you are playing baccarat at a brick and mortar casino or an online one, you should know that the game is pretty entertaining and anyone can access it. The game can only have three outcomes: the banker can win, the player can win, or the game can end in a tie. If you are the player, you will be asked to place a bet on any of the above scenarios. Before that, you should know that the above terms of banker and player do not relate to the casino or the real player. These terms are just betting options meaning that you can bet on either of the options, and the results will determine your win or defeat. If you are a bit of a risk-taker, you can bet on the game ending in a tie, which translates to you believing that the banker and player will have an equal hand value.

    If this is turning out to be a bit confusing for you, we will start with the basics of baccarat to allow you to understand the base level workings of the game. To start, you need to remember that cards, even face cards that have a value of 10, are equal to holding zero value in the game. The rule is the same for a hand holding 2 cards that go above 10. Let us explain via an example: if the player has a 6 and 7 in their hand, the total of the hand will calculate to only 3, because the value of the 10 goes away. This particular rule is observed for all hands. If a hand value is 10 or more, it will have a total of the complete amount minus 10. A hand can possess only one value. As for the rest of the cards that are A to 9, they will each have a value of their own.


    It is helpful to remember that if you are the player, the game does not ask you to do much because the rules in place get to decide if a hand should get one more card or not. If you are looking for the best hand in the game of baccarat, it has to be a 9. If any hand comes to this value and is not tied to the opposite, the game will be finished, and the winnings are doled out to the ones who are worthy of them.

    The value of 8 is treated the same way. It is considered as the winning hand if the opponent does not have a total of 9. The hand of 9 can be achieved in different ways like 5/4, 10/9, 7/2, and other groupings that the player can think up. If the hand is made up of 8 or 9, it is considered to be a natural.


    The meaning of stand is that the hand bears the total value of 6 or 7, and it is not natural but is considered to be pretty powerful in the game of baccarat. The game dealer will not give one more card to your hand because this will lead to a reduction in the value of the hand. The only support that the hand can have is from a 2 or an ace. If we are talking about this case, the dealer will go on to the next hand. Based on the value of the next hand, another card may be given out, but the stand can only be beaten if the value of the hand is closer to 9.


    Lastly, let us talk about a draw that happens when the hand value of either the banker or player is below 5. If this happens, there will be another card added to the mix. The purpose will be to try and increase the value of the hand. It is to be noted that any hand can only hold 3 cards at the maximum. For example, if the value of the player’s hand was 5 previously and the card that was added was a 9, the total would be 4 because of 5+9=14-10=4. In this case, there will be no additional card, and the total of the hand will come out to be 4 only.


    When a round starts, the dealer will be the one to start betting. They will give the bettors the options of player, banker, or tie. You will need to put your chips in the option of your choice and wait as the game begins. Next, the dealer will put 2 cards with their face up to the banker and dealer hands, and this is how the game will begin.

    If any of the hands has a value lower than 5, the dealer will put forward one more card to try to increase the value. As we previously said, the outcome of the game is divided into 3 scenarios: draw, stand, or natural. After both of the hands have been played, the values of both will be judged against the other, and the dealer will proclaim the winner.


    In the usual game of baccarat, the three winning situations are player, banker, and tie. An equal amount of money will be delivered by the player and banker, which translates to the bet being doubled. Since most casinos procure a 5% commission on the winning hand, the profit of the hand comes out to be 95% every win. Some casinos have a rule that the casino itself can only procure a commission on the winnings of the banker.

    If the hand value is the same as the banker and player, it is a winning tie bet. This result can happen with different cards since the total value of the cards matter. Ties are not common, so it is considered a risky bet, but players go for it because its reward is 8:1.


    You might think that the game is simply based on the rules, but it can get a bit complicated. Since you would not have any control over the result of the game, your bet on any hand can give you a 50% chance of winning, not counting the tie. This is why it is called a game of pure luck, and you should be careful when you pursue baccarat. If you are sure that you want to play the game, professionals advise that you have a betting strategy.

    If you are pursuing a strategy, you would need a bigger bankroll. Online baccarat will allow you to wager fewer amounts on every game due to the betting limits being so low, and you can even have a smaller bankroll for this.


    We recommend going for progressive strategies as they are easy to comprehend and play out. If you want multiple benefits, go for a betting system that will allow you to gain back your losses and gain more profit every time you win. The system can be broken down to one simple point: double up on every losing hand. If you bet $1 and lose that, place a bet for $2 as this will gain you back $1 and cover your previous loss. Stick to player or banker and only change after you have won a hand.

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