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    Getting something for nothing is something that many people look out for, but it is one of the most exciting parts of playing online slots for casino players. Free spin bonuses allow players a chance to try out new and entertaining slot games to test the overall design and working of a slot, as well as explore its winning potential. These bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and ultimately give players a chance to win lucrative cash prizes without having to spend any of their money. These free spins are usually directed at specific games and are constantly revised by the casino and its staff, which means they’re continually changing and being updated. It is important to seize the moment when it comes to free spins, since an offer which you see today may not be available a few days later. However, if players browse around and look closely, they’ll find an amazing bargain that will not only provide them with an exciting gaming experience but also increase their casino bank balance without actually having spent any of their money! 

    Though most casinos do provide their players with a free spins bonus, not all of them do. Some prefer a bigger and better welcome bonus, which certainly has its advantages and disadvantages compared to a free spins bonus, depending on the player’s preference.

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    There are typically two kinds of free spins. The first category is the one that is offered in-game by different slots and games to be further used within those games. These free spins are different and are not to be confused with in-game free spins. These are promotional free spins which are offered by casinos as a no deposit bonus or part of a match bonus. These can be utilized in different slots and can be used without spending any of your own money. This gives players a major incentive since this essentially means that they have a chance to earn money without having to spend any out of their pocket. Sometimes these free spins are for specific slots only, which are mentioned in its terms and conditions. However, some casinos might offer these free spins to be used for their entire collection of slots and different casino games. Two gaming giants particularly famous for their free spins are Microgaming and NetEnt, both of which usually allow their free spins to be used on their entire collection. Considering how big these two companies are and taking into account their gigantic libraries, this is something that would get any gambler excited.

    Free spins work the same way as casino credits, except that instead of having casino credits in their account that can be used later on, players are awarded free spins that can be used to play slots and games for free and win real money.


    Many players believe that they’re only awarded free spins when they sign up for a casino. While that is true, it is not the only way to acquire free spins, and many different types of free spins can be attained and utilized in various exciting forms, all of which we will take a look at. But before that, it is important to know some basic rules about free spins and how they can be different for one player and different for another. Firstly, it is important to know what free spins bonuses you receive. Some free spins bonuses will require a certain amount of deposit to be made into the casino before players can use them, while others will offer deposit free bonuses in the form of free spins. Secondly, different bonuses, their terms and conditions, and their rewards might vary in different geographies. There are a lot of countries with different regulations on gambling, so not all players will be offered the same promotions and value. For example, for casinos in the UK, no deposit free spins are only available to players playing from the United Kingdom and cannot be used by gamblers sitting in the United States, and vice versa. This is also why it is wise to go through the terms and conditions section and find out what type of free spins bonus your favorite casino is offering, and whether it can be used from where you’re playing. That being said, there are several different kinds of free spins available for players all around the world, and we’re sure you’ll find the one that suits you best below!


    No deposit free spins are exactly what their name implies: players receive free spins for registering at an online casino without having to make any additional deposits. This means that players can go and register at these casinos, play slots and games for free, and have a chance to win money without spending any! Although these free spins sound ridiculously interesting, they’re only a one-time deal and are offered just for the first time the player registers at the casino. However, there are certain scenarios in which free spins are offered to players by the casino, even though they registered quite a while back. This usually happens when new slots are released, and the casino wants to give its players an incentive to try it out. These free spins are available for a limited time only, usually on the day of the slot release or till two days after the release of the slot, at most. A good example would be Unibet, which has handed out free spins several times without requiring a deposit to be made. The number of free spins is usually between 5 to 15, although there might be a few exceptions.


    Many online casinos offer different promotions to their players, and one of these includes free spins. Plenty of online casinos offered regular promotions to their players for winning free spins, such as Leo Vegas Casino and Mr. Green Casino. These promotions have their separate terms and conditions which need to be met. Usually, players are required to participate in the promotion to be eligible for free spins and other gifts and rewards. Ultimately, players must achieve a specific rank on the leaderboard to take advantage of these bonuses. It is important to note that while players are not required to deposit to receive their free spins, they are still expected to wager real cash to participate.


    Match bonus free spins are awarded to players with a match bonus when they make a deposit. This usually includes many free spins and can go as high as 200 free spins, depending on the casinos. Moreover, these free spins are spread out over several days. For instance, players can receive 20 free spins per day for a certain number of days, either on specific games or the entire gaming collection. This can vary depending on the casino and the promotional offers at the time. Eventually, these free spins can be converted to cash and utilized in two different ways. The first way is to generate these winnings to your cash account, which would mean that these can be withdrawn at any time a player wishes and can be enjoyed by playing other games. The second way is by adding funds to your bonus account, which means that the cash won from those will have certain terms and conditions attached to them, including the dreaded wagering requirements. It is also important to know that the casino reserves the right to limit a player’s rewards by imposing certain withdrawing limits associated with these free spins. These can be found within the casino’s bonus terms and conditions.


    Even when players win free spins, one of the major complaints is that wagering requirements need to be fulfilled to extract the winnings won from those spins. These players will be happy to know that some online casinos offer a fairly generous amount of free spins and have no additional wagering requirements attached to them. However, these are usually applied to specific games. For example, at Rizk Casino, a player can win wagering-free extra spins by spinning the Wheel of Rizk.


    No deposit no wager free spins are by far the most popular free spins since they let the player enjoy their free spins and rewards without making any deposits and without being restricted by wagering requirements. This means that their cash winnings are not tied in the bonus account and can be withdrawn whenever they please. Although the number of spins being offered is as low as ten, they’re actually, in every sense of the word, free spins!


    Certain casinos also offer additional bonuses in the form of free spins to the special VIP players. These can include exclusive free spins on new game releases so that these VIP members get to play and enjoy these first, as well as exclusive match bonuses with free spins, and many more. Also, these VIP free spins don’t usually have wagering requirements and can be drawn instantly, which is another reason to get yourself in that VIP spot!

    Although these types of VIP free spins are rare, many high-end casinos still offer them, giving players a range of winning opportunities, which could amount to some serious earning.


    Players who have been playing regularly at online casinos know that feeling of not being able to hit a bonus because of an inadequate amount of cash or activate their free spins because of a higher bet value. At times like these, wagering requirements come into play, offering more bang for your buck. For example, players might only deposit $60 into their casino account, but the bonus spins could mean that they can win a lot more cash through them, especially from casinos offering a high number of free spins.

    Additionally, promotional free spins also allow players to play the casino’s latest games without spending any money. Furthermore, the casinos that offer free spins on their entire gaming collection are even more valuable, since they allow players to play any game of their liking and increase their cash.

    Finally, being a VIP member of the casino provided players with a lot of opportunities, including getting to spend your free spins on games before anyone else and having very low or even no wagering requirements. All in all, free spins should be taken advantage of and utilized. Even if they have wagering requirements, they essentially allow players to build up their casino cash without having to spend extra money.


    Wagering requirements often vary from casino to casino and slot to slot, so it is always better to know about them in advance. Players must take a look at the bonus terms and conditions mentioned by a casino. These terms and conditions will contain all the information anyone can need, including a multiplier value for the winnings achieved, winning limits, or information about no wagering requirements.

    In case of wagering requirements being associated with the free spins, players will need to know the multiplier value, which can range from 20x to 50x, or even more, depending on the casino and the specific slot being played. Although players will have different choices and preferences according to what they play and how they play, it is best to play at a casino that offers the lowest wagering requirements, since this means that your wins will be available for withdrawal relatively quickly.

    Overall, wagering requirements are fairly common among even the best casinos. They’re primarily there to make sure that players don’t just come to the casino, take whatever they can for free, and leave. If you’re a player who is serious about playing and wants to stick to one reliable casino, the wagering requirements won’t be a big deal.

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