Terms and Conditions

    Our Terms and Conditions

    Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment to all our visitors. For our benefit and yours it is important that we outline our terms and conditions.

    The terms outlined below will identify  Casinobonuseslisting.com as “us,” “our” or “We” or “and will further relate to the use as “your” or “you.  We do not require visitors to click acceptance of our terms and conditions. However, we do advise you to carefully read our terms and conditions listed below. Please note this also covers our privacy policy.

    Use of this website

    Terms and conditions. Our website will provide advertisements and or links to websites that reflect the nature of information presented on this website. The links and advertisements seen at Casinobonuseslisting.com are in no way an endorsement of the content or products they offer. Nor do those same links establish a binding contract or sale. We will not be deemed liable in any kind of way for the products or content of a website linked on this site.

    While we undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure secure and continued accesses to this website and the services it provides, we understand that at times, service may be interrupted due to technology and possible equipment failure that is beyond our ability to control. We, therefore, cannot provide any guarantee access to the website or its information at all times.  Access of this website is only granted via accepted browsers, and any unauthorized access includes the following:

    1. a) the use of hacking techniques and or tools,
    2. b) the storage, transmission, hosting, use of, distribution or linking of material contained within this website that could, does, or may contain viruses, spyware, software that logs keystrokes  or any other software that is deemed malicious will immediately be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies,
    3. c) any fraudulent, illegal, unlawful that in any way causes access availability, damage, or impairment that is deemed harmful,
    4. d) any activity that is automated or systematic for the purpose of the collection of data, data harvesting,
    5. e) duplicate, publish, copy, or otherwise access this site for the purpose of reproducing material contained within or provided by this website including the sale, licensing, or transfer of exploitation of material contained within, whether be in part or whole,
    6. f) the use of material contained within Casinos.co for commercial purpose,
    7. h) copy, edit or the modification of any intellectual property contained within the website,
    8. i) interfere and or disrupt the website in any way including networks and or servers, or act in a manner that is in violation of regulations, policies, and procedures that are associated to the Website.


    Overview of our terms and conditions in relation to cookies. When visiting our website, it is accepted that we use cookies within the accepted cookie directives. Information we will store will include links you click on, browser you used to access our site, your geographical location and more.

    Intellectual Property

    All design work, graphics, layout, text, code, appearance, and software is owned by Casinos.co. All trademarks contained within this site are not owned by us and are respected and observed.

    Any images are subject to privileges relating to copyright law, in cases where we do not own said images, permission has been granted. The copying of any images contained within Casinos.co is strictly forbidden as is the reproduction, distribution, duplication, and modification of any material contained within for commercial use without the consent of Casinos, and or the copyright holder.

    Any breach of plagiarism is deemed unlawful and unethical, we do not approve, endorse or allow any such activities and shall undertake action that is available to us in the prevention of such activities.

    Content provided by Users

    Terms and conditions for content provided by users. Whenever you as a user provide feedback through submission form, you hereby give us permission to publish, license, reproduce and retain ownership of said comments. These can be used for any purpose including: commercial advertising, whether in part or in whole with or without the inclusion of your name. This can include any form of technology or media currently in use, and any future forms developed in the future.

    You also permit that:

    1. a) any submissions by you are controlled by you for the rights to post, provide, submit or upload,
    2. b) in the event you are not the exclusive holder, all third parties have fully waived their rights to said submissions, including moral rights, towards being granted the right to license said submissions.
    3. c) any persons named or represented in photos, videos, and or images submitted within a submission must have provided consent to do so,

    Additionally, you acknowledge that as owners of Casinobonuseslisting.com, you hereby grant us the unrestricted use of said submissions, whether for commercial use or otherwise, without compensation of any kind to you or a third party. Furthermore, you grant us the right to access, store, reproduce and view any submission you have made available to us. Casinobonuseslisting.com will retain any and all rights to said submissions unless otherwise noted in our policy pertaining to privacy. Finally, we will not be held liable in any way for said submissions.


    When submitting a submission, you agree fully not to use Casinos.co to:

    1. a) Post, upload or transmit any content or materials that are deemed harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, obscene, or considered to be invasive and or hateful towards another person’s race, religion, and/or privacy. This will be the sole discretion of the websites owner in determining if meeting any of the above conditions,
    2. b) Impersonate any individual person, entity or group, not limited to users of the website, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, agents or any of our partners and affiliates of Casinos.co with that will misrepresent in any way your affiliation with Casinos.co, our partners, affiliates or other entity,
    3. c) Create any representation that in any represents affiliation with Casinos.co by forging logo’s, banner or headers that in any way disguises the origin of materials, and or postings through or to this website,
    4. d) Post, create, transmit or email any posts or materials that do not belong to you, or that you have not been granted legal permission to post, create, transmit or email, whether that be by law or fiduciary or contractual relationships. This includes information that is proprietary, public, insider related or part of any nondisclosure or employment contracts,
    5. e) Post, create, transmit or email any materials that materials that in interfere or infringe patents, trade secrets, rights of publicity or privacy, trademarks or rights of proprietary,
    6. f) Post, create, transmit or email any materials that are deemed promotional, advertising in nature and unauthorized. This includes spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or any other materials that are for the solicitation for commercial purposes unless expressed consent is given,
    7. g) Post, create, transmit or email any posts that contain links to viruses, malignant software, and or programs that contain corrupted code or programs that are designed to cause harm, destroy or attacked computer hardware and software,
    8. h) Interrupt the regular flow of information, and or dialogue that will cause this site to act in a manner that is deemed negative or diminishing to the site, and or its users,
    9. i) Interrupt, or disrupt this website, its servers and or networks in any way that directly violates its policies, procedures, and or regulations that are connect to Casinos.co,
    10. j) Act in any manner that violates any laws, and or regulations applicable,
    11. k) Harass or stalk employees of Casinos.co or other users of this website,
    12. l) Attempt to, or actively collect data that is personal for any employee, user or third party at Casinos.co, or attempt to gain access to any users accounts of Casinos.co,

    Based on the above rules/regulations pertaining to postings and content provided by users, we will, at our sole discretion remove any postings that fail to meet the above terms and regulations. This will include isp blocking and the possible reporting on any actions deemed in violation to the appropriate authorities.

    Visitor Responsibilities

    When visiting Casinos.co, you for all intents and purposes are over the age of 18 and legally are allowed to gamble within your jurisdiction. You acknowledge that this website is free of responsible of any financial loss, equipment damage or any other loss of any form. You acknowledge that this website is for information purposes only and any links you visit as a result is fully your responsibility and that you bear all risk. You further acknowledge that Casinos.co cannot cause any damage to you and is not liable for any losses you may incur.

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