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    The rise of online gaming at such a rapid pace was something that many people were hoping for, but none were expecting it to happen so quickly. The ease of accessibility in the hands of curious players has resulted in an increase in the number of professional gamblers and casual gamers registering at online casinos. After all, why wouldn’t you want to make money while sitting on your couch and playing games? While there are many choices for a social media outlet when it comes to engaging with friends, family, and strangers alike, nothing can compare to Facebook, which not only helps bring people together but is also assisting in providing social casinos to players to have fun with their friends and boost their winnings.

    Gaming accounts for 25% of Facebook’s overall user usage, which is a lot considering the social media giant now has over 1 billion members. Taking these numbers into account, it is no surprise that many players can now turn that game usage into something fruitful by earning money off of it. The number of players who play casino games online has seen a dramatic rise in the last few years, and this is very likely to continue for another few years. Whether people are gambling for real money to make a significant impact on their bank account or are just playing for fun while spending off some of their money, people have started to love online casino games, and rightly so.

    Now players can enjoy free slots, scratch card games, lottery games, poker, and even blackjack on their smartphones through their Facebook account and another social casino. But the first question to ask is, what is social gambling?

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    Simply put, social gambling is the act of gambling on social media sites. Recently, more and more gambling operators have stepped into the social gambling scene, with many launching their social media games on Facebook, Google+, and even MySpace to reach out to a wider audience and attract a larger crowd. However, given the size of the company, its members, and the engagement it manages to bring in from its users, it is no surprise that Facebook is at the top of most people’s list when they’re asked about their favorite social media platform that offers them a chance to win money. Out of all the people who gamble on different social media sites, a staggering 61% said they prefer to do it on Facebook (17% said they preferred to do it on Google+ while 15% said they preferred to do it on MySpace).

    According to the social media company, real money gambling is only allowed for players living in specific countries, and that too with prior authorization from Facebook. Some of the most famous slots and casino apps on Facebook include Texas Hold’Em Poker, blackjack, Chumba Casino, Funzpoints Casino, and LuckyLand Slots. Players can engage in exciting games by themselves, with their friends, or with strangers. The gambling operators on the social media site make their money by providing their players with in-game benefits, currencies, and virtual goods, things that can be bought with Facebook credits or real money called micro-transactions. These are acquired with cold hard cash.

    Social casinos operating on Facebook can bring in millions and millions of users from the social media platform daily. However, given the 1 billion members of the platform, millions of players daily should not be a surprise. About 20% of these users, which amount to hundreds of thousands of them, have paid real cash to take advantage of in-game goods, benefits, and currencies that are offered by the casino games. The market for social gambling has just started out and is booming already. From this point, it’s only going to get bigger and better with more and more big names joining in on the social casino bandwagon and making the most of this frenzy of casino apps being introduced on Facebook.


    Chumba Casino provides its players with a balance between a place where players can get a chance to win real money and a free sweepstakes casino that lets players have some fun and play games for free. Sweeps Coins, formerly and more popularly known as Sweeps Cash, are awarded to players just for signing up. These can then be used to play at the casino and earn real money. Players can sign up and get rewarded with 2 Sweeps Coins along with a bonus of $30 Sweeps Coins on their first purchase of $10.

    The casino’s Facebook page, Chumba Casino, has over 680,000 members and offers free giveaways coupled with friendly community interaction between players. Players can sign up at the casino to get free Sweeps Coins and enjoy more of the same at their first deposit as a deposit bonus. Players even have the choice to buy coin packages if they like, which come with free Sweeps Coins for them to enjoy dozens of online games, through which they can quickly make their way to earning a real cash payout. If you’re really lucky, you might just get a chance to get your hands on their progressive jackpot, which has been known to reward its players generously. In 2019, three lucky players walked away with more than a million dollars in winnings, so a jackpot might be what you’re looking for.

    The Chumba Casino Facebook page offers a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments, deals, and promotions at Chumba, as well as finding out about their latest contests. Additionally, Chumba Casino has a lot of special and random giveaways that they do from time to time, which gives players a lot of different ways to score some extra Sweeps Coins and eventually help them earn real cash payout. With more than 680,000 members, it is no wonder that they have these promotions and giveaways so often.


    LuckyLand Slots is from the same company as Chumba Casino and operates on the same model. It has an abundance of contests and reviews from real players and members who frequently play at LuckyLand Slots. It has a strong Facebook presence and is known to interact regularly and quite frequently with its members. There is also a no deposit bonus that is offered to players upon registration, which offers them 10 or 5 Sweeps Coins and allows them to start playing for real cash right away. Additionally, players are rewarded with 10 free Sweeps Coins when they purchase Gold Coins for the first time. LuckyLand Slots has lots of exciting and engaging online slots and games exclusive to it. It hosts a variety of tournaments offering lots of bonuses to keep its players on the lookout.

    Similar to Chumba Casino’s page, LuckyLand Slot’s Facebook page is active and packed with promotions, giveaways, and exciting announcements. The casino provides its players with different and exciting ways to get their hands on free Sweeps Coins, which they can use to win real money. Their Facebook page is also a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest tournaments being hosted, games being added and released, and other general news about the casino. Considering that LuckyLand is still younger than Chumba Casino, its comparative success and popularity are justified. However, Chumba is turning out to be a strong contender with a lot of potential and should be on the list for players looking to get their wallets bulging.


    Facebook casino apps are continuing to grow, offering tremendous insight into the changes coming into the online gaming industry and the dramatic way it is bringing a change in the concept of social casinos. Players can enjoy playing with their friends, family, or even strangers and have the chance to try out games for free if they’re having a difficult time and need to practice their skills. This makes it a great way to practice online gambling in a way that doesn’t hurt their bankroll and offers them solid experience.

    Also, players can brag! You can share all your achievements, winnings, and trophies with your friends and family on Facebook with the share button, instantly giving you that sense of pride. There are lots of games to try as well, so there aren’t going to be many situations where you’ll be running out of things to play. All in all, since the majority of players are spending most of their time looking at the screen of their cellphones and scrolling through social media, they might as well put it in landscape mode and earn some money off it. Facebook casino apps offer a great way to do so, which is why you should check them out.


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