Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games. Some casinos also see it as a specialty game as it is unique and features various reward opportunities that cannot be compared to other casino games. Many casinos also provide an automatic variation of the game, which is played with a machine that spins the table and introduces the wheel in each round. Players can place their bets on screen around the table, which provide the same rewards as the standard game.

Roulette comes in 3 main variations, including French Roulette, America Roulette, and the most popular European Roulette. European Roulette remains the most popular as it offers the most betting options and the best reward opportunity as one a single zero is presented. However, it’s believed that French Roulette is the original.

Players have the opportunity to take advantage of various bet options. This includes various bets such as single and multiple numbers. The table also features outside bets, which include combinations, colors, odds and evens, and much more. Side bet options are also popular as a racetrack option, which covers certain combinations of the table.

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The History of Roulette  

The name Roulette comes from the French, which means “Little Wheel.” Roulette came from the 17th century when Blaise Pascal provided a first variation of Roulette while searching for a perpetual motion machine. However, the game itself only was only devised in the 18th century in France. The wheel is believed to exist from popular Engish games such as Roly-Poly, E.O., and Ace of Hearts. The table came from the French, which was already a game called Roulette.

The game as we know it today has been played in French casinos since 1796, which has been confirmed by a novel written by Jaques Lablee where he describes the games played at a famous casino in Paris. Back then, the game also features 2 zeros to give the house a bigger edge. These were labeled in red for the single zero and black for double zero, which was changed to green around the beginning of the 18th century.

It wasn’t until 1843 where Frenchman Louis and Francois Blanc created a single zero variation of the game in Bad Homburg, which was a German Spa Casino town. However, in the 1860’s, Roulette was abolished in Germany. The Blanc family decided to relocate the last Roulette legal rejoin, which was Monte Carlo. The family managed to establish the single zero game there, which spread to the rest of the world a few years later. However, American casinos kept the double zero variation as it offered a higher house edge and became more popular among players, which is why it’s known as American Roulette, and the Blanc family variation is known as European Roulette.

Today, the game is popular around the world, but it seems as if the French Roulette game has become the least popular among Engish countries. However, there are many casinos Europe that provides both European and French Roulette, but for players to take advantage of all 3 types, online casinos would be the best place to search.

Roulette Betting Options

There are many betting options in Roulette, which are important to know before you can take full advantage of the game and cover as many of the numbers as possible. The highest paying bet is on single numbers, which provides a winning of 35 to 1. However, the odds are 36 to 1 due to the zero in European Roulette and 37 to 1 for American Roulette.

Players also have the option to wager on the lines that divide the numbers, which are known as split and corner bets. A split bet is when you place a chip between 2 numbers, which covers both of them. Should either of those numbers result in a win, the payout will be 17 to 1. Corner bets are placed in the center of any 4 numbers and will offer a winning of 8 to 1 in the result of a win. Players can also take advantage of street bets, which covers an entire row from left to right (3 numbers). This will offer a payout of 11 to 1. Another bet option similar to street is basket, which requires a chip in the top left-hand corner of number 1. This will cover zero and 1, 2, and 3. Should any of the numbers win with this bet, the reward will be 6 to 1.

Outside bet option also includes many others and begin with columns. These will need a bet at the bottom of the table where you will see a payout listed as 2 to 1. A chip in any one of these bet bets covers the entire column to zero. However, zero is not included in the bet. Players can also wager on sections of 12, including 1 to 12, 13 to 18, and 19 to 36, which will provide winnings of 2 to 1. High and low numbers cover either 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 that will result in an even money reward.

Finally, the last 2 options include color bets such as red and black, which covers half the board each but excludes the zero. These are even money winnings, meaning 1 to 1. The last bet option is odds and evens, which once again covers half the numbers each, but not the zero for an even money reward.

Tips  for Playing Roulette

Roulette is one of the games with the most strategies as there are so many betting options. Players can use strategies for both inside numbers and outside bets, which result in great winnings. However, with Roulette, you always need to be careful as winning repeatedly seems to be harder than you’d think, even with a highly rewarding strategy.

Since the objective of the game is to cover as many numbers as possible but not all numbers, it becomes rather challenging to find the perfect combination, which is why the game is so popular. If you place a bet on all 37 numbers, which includes the zero, you will lose every hand, even though you’ve wagered on every winning number. This is because the payout for straight numbers is only 35 to 1 and to cover all numbers would require 37 chips. This means you will lose 1 chip per round as the game allows you to keep your winning chip along with the payout.

This is a factor with all bet options in Roulette. For example, if you wager on all 3 column bets, you will bet 3 chips and win 2 to 1, meaning you will not lose or make a profit as you get the winning chip back as well. This means the goal of the game is to leave open certain positions and allow those open spots to be your profit. The more you leave open, the higher your risk is, but also the higher your profit will be. For example, covering 30 numbers will require 30 chips, but should you win, your payout will be 35 to 1 plus the winning chip, meaning a profit of 6 chips.

Strategy For Playing Roulette 

Players can take advantages of both low risk with low payout strategies, which simply means you cover more of the table, or high-risk strategies that also include higher payouts, meaning you cover fewer numbers.  Progressive betting is very popular with Roulette as players have the ability to win back their losses and retrieve a profit as well. This system is played with even money rewards, including red or black, odd or even, and first and second 18. It’s important to know the table limits for this system as the limit could stop you from using this system. If the limit is very low, you might need to start with a lower bet to put the system to use as you would need to double up on each losing hand.

It’s also crucial never to change your bet while progressing, meaning if your first bet was on black and you lost, do not double up and shift to red. The system works on the principal that all even money bets have to win sooner all later. This rule goes for all even money bets, which are sure to provide a reward within a few spins. Once you started with a bet such as $1 on red, you will need to double up on that wager with each losing hand. So if your first-hand results in a loss, the next bet need to be $2 on red, should it lose again, the next bet will be $4 on red. Should you win the third hard, you will receive a payout for $4 and take back your $4 bet. The win will cover your first 2 bets, which is $3 in total. This means an additional $1 profit would also be applied. Players can use this system with any bet amount, but as mentioned, be aware of the table limit.

Street betting is also a popular strategy that doesn’t require a whole lot of chips. Since the payout is 11 to 1, you can cover a great amount of the rows and still make a good profit. For players who prefer playing safe, cover 8 of these strips, which would still provide a 3 chip profit and your winning chip. You can also increase your profit, but this will increase your risk as well. If you bet on fewer rows, you will decrease the bet total, which will result in a higher profit with each win. Players can also apply a progressive betting system to this option, which is easy with online games as they offer a double up option. However, be sure to have a much bigger bankroll as you will be doubling up on more than one chip at a time.


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