Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in land-based and online casinos. There are not many rules to keep track of, making it easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. This is a pure luck game as the play has no effect on the results of the game. However, multiple betting options are available, and most games also include a few side bet options. However, for most players, the game becomes rewarding when a strategy is involved.

The game use to be played exclusively by casino professionals as it was a high rollers game and required huge bets at the least. However, over the years the limits have dropped, allowing smaller bettors to enjoy the game. The rules have remained the same with lower bet options, making it perfect for anyone to enjoy.

There are a few basic rules to the game, which need to be known before you will understand Baccarat as a new player. In this article, we will cover all the most important aspects of the game, including where it came from, how to play, what strategies are worth trying and much more.

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Baccarat History

Baccarat is believed to have been invented in Italy long before the fifteenth century. Later, it was brought to France where the game became a lot more popular and also obtained the name Baccarat. The name is actually an Italian word that means zero, which refers to all the face cards consisting of a zero value in the game.

The game took nearly five centuries to become popular in European casinos. Several variants of baccarat had appeared by then. While Chemin de Fer became popular in Europe, Punto Banco became popular in England. The English variant of baccarat was later taken to the US through South America.

In the US, casinos mostly provide Baccarat on what’s called Mini-tables. This includes the same rules and features of the game but doesn’t include the big table. This is because the big table has much higher minimum bet options and is more used by professionals. Casinos also hold the larger tables, but most provide it in the high roller section of the casino.

Today, the game has become a profession, especially among casino high rollers. In fact, the game has been known to be one of the most profitable of the casino floor as players place huge bets on the game. There have been many hands in history where million dollar hands are played. This has not also spread to online gaming where it has become even more popular in virtual play and with live dealers. However, since table limits are more suitable for all players, the game has become a lot more popular among new players as well.

How The Game of Baccarat Works

Playing Baccarat is accessible and entertaining. Each game has three results—the player wins, the banker wins, or the game results in a tie. Players are required to bet on any of these results. It’s important to understand that the term player and banker have nothing to do with the actual player and the casino. There are basically just betting options, meaning you can place a bet on either to win the round. Betting on tie means that you expect both player and banker to have the same hand value at the end of the game.

To fully understand how it works, you will need to know the basic rules of the game, which will give you a better idea of why things happen while playing. From the information above, you might have realized that all face cards and cards consisting of a 10 value hold a zero value in the game. This also applies to any hand holding 2 cards that exceed 10. For example, if a 6 and 7 appear in the player hand, the hand total will only be 3 as the 10 values fall away. This rule is applied to all hands. Any hand value of 10 or over will have a total of the full amount minus 10. The hand can only have a single value. All the remaining cards A – 9 will consist of their own value.


As mentioned above, the game does not require any input from you as a player as there are rules to determine when a hand should receive another card or not. The best hand in Baccarat is a 9, should either hand result in this value and not be tied with the contrary, the game ends and winnings are paid.

The same goes for an 8 value, which would be the winning hand unless the contrary has a total of 9. A hand of 9 can be made up in any way possible, 5/4, 10/9, 7/2, or any other combination you can think of. A hand consisting of 8 or 9 is known as a natural.


Stand means the hand holds a total value of 6 or 7, which might not be a natural but is still a very powerful hand in Baccarat. The dealer will not provide another card to your hand as this is more likely to decrease the value of the hand as only an Ace or 2 will be of any assistance to the hand. In this case, the dealer will move on to the next hand. Depending on the value of the other hand, an additional card could be drawn, but a hand value closer to 9 is needed to beat a stand.


A draw occurs when either the player or banker’s hand consists of a value below 5. This will result in another card being added to the hand to try and increase the value. However, each hand can only have 3 cards at the most. This means if the player hand had a value of 5 before, and the additional card was a 9, giving it a hand total of 4 (5+9=14-10=4), another card will not be granted and the total will be seen as 4.

Playing Baccarat

At the beginning of each round, the dealer will open betting, allowing bettors to choose between Player, Banker, and Tie. Just place your chips in either of these options and wait for the game to begin. The dealer will then provide 2 cards face up to the dealer and banker hands, which is where the game starts.

Should either hand have a value lower than 5, the dealer will provide an additional card to attempt to increase the value. As mentioned above, there are only 3 possible situations in a hand, which consists of draw, stand, or natural. Once both hands have been played, the dealer will compare the values and announce the winning hand.


In the standard game, there are only 3 winning opportunities, which includes a bet on Player, Banker, or Tie. Player and Banker will provide even money on a bet, meaning you will double your bet. However, most casinos take a 5% commission on winning hands, making your profit 95% on each win. There are also rules that state the casino can only make a commission on Banker winnings, but this differs between casinos.

A winnings bet on Tie means that the hand value of the Player and Banker hand are the same value. This can be achieved with different cards as only the total value is used. Tie does not often occur, making it a difficult bet at times. However, the reward for a winning bet is 8;1.

Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is a very tricky game even though the rules are simple and the game is easy to play. Not having any effect on the outcome, means a bet on either hand has a 50% chance of winning, excluding tie of course. This makes it a game of pure chance as mentioned and should be played responsibly. If you are serious about playing the game, we recommend using a betting strategy.

A strategy will, however, require a bigger bankroll, which isn’t always possible with all players. However, with online gaming options, the betting limits tend to be much lower, giving players the opportunity to wager less per game and use a smaller bankroll to learn the game.

Strategy For Playing Baccarat

Progressive strategies are the easiest to understand and use. There are various advantages to using a betting system like this as it gives you the ability to not only win back your losses but also make a profit with each winning hand. The system is simple, all you need to do is double up on each losing hand. For example, if your first bet is $1 and you lose, your next bet needs to be $2. Should you win that hand, you will receive your $2 bet back and another $2, which covers your loss from the first round and provides a $1 profit. Should you lose 5 hands in a row, you bet will be $32 with your 6th hand and you would have wagered a total of $63 including the $32 bet. If you win that hand, you would have received back all your losses and still made a $1 profit.

To use the strategy, you need to choose Player or Banker and stick with it. This strategy can easily fail if you switch from Player to Banker or the other way around when you have already lost 1 or more bets. Once you’ve won a hand, you can choose between the betting options again. However, once you’ve chosen one, do not change at all. The strategy works on the fact that your hand has to win sooner or later, but as mentioned, a bigger bankroll is needed to cover at least 10 losses in a row.

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